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BDE Group

About BDE Group
BDE Group provides consulting and outsourced services to Australian businesses in the areas of technology, software development, workflow automation, customer service, finance assessment, debt recovery and accounting. The company is led by an Australian based Executive Team, supported by a talented international workforce based in Australia, Fiji, the Philippines and Sri Lanka.
“At BDE Group, we are redefining what it is to Outsource and Offshore.
We strive to maintain an environment where outsourcing is not a compromise to having a local in-house team - where your offshore team is reliable, succeeding and tightly integrated into your local team and systems.”
In Fiji, BDE partner with the long-running local call centre operator Greymouse to provide a professional work environment, local HR / payroll management and employee transport logistics. BDE’s clients benefit from bringing the best of both companies together - the offshore experience, technology innovation and project management of BDE’s leadership, with the stability and local relationships gained during Greymouse’s 15 years of successful Fiji operations.
The BDE team brings excellence to everything they touch, relying on their team’s dedication, years of diverse experience and exceptional culture. Through their network of expert partners across the globe, BDE have access to the facilities, equipment and human talent needed to support their clients with a smooth transition to their first overseas remote office.
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