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Runners Fiji

About Runners Fiji

Formed in 2010, ‘Runners!’ is Fiji’s first errand service of its scale. 

Need help but not sure where to start? Check out the services listed on our Personal and Business pages, or just give us a call. Our team is flexible and can scale up and down to your needs. Please ask and we will do everything we can to assist.

Our runners will:

  • Be professional in all interactions
  • Focus on safety first.
  • Communicate often and clearly.
  • Be punctual and be prepared.
  • Perform high quality work,

When contracting with Runners Errand Services the rate is already negotiated and we can bill you or your business directly.
When in doubt, contact us!

Terms and Conditions

The Runners’ time begins from the time they meet you for the errand or the time the errand commences, depending on the situation.
Buses are used to keep your costs down. Errands that need to be done urgently will need to accommodate for fuel or taxi charges according to standard zone rates set by us.
We service Suva City, Nasese, Samabula, Laucala Bay and Flagstaff. Errands outside of these areas may incur extra costs.
While all care will be taken, our Runners and Runners Errand Services cannot be held responsible for any damages to your goods that may happen during a run.
Pre-purchasing on your behalf can be arranged on a case-by-case basis, but a 10% pre-purchasing fee will be applied.
Phone calls for the purpose of the errand is $1.00/ call.
An LPO or email confirmation is required to proceed with your booking.
Payment terms will vary depending on booking types.
Our operational hours for bookings and errands are Monday-Friday 8.30am-5pm.
Bookings for weekends need to be confirmed by Friday 3pm.
If errands begin before 7.30am, a transport fee will be charged.
Errands that run past 6.30pm will incur a transport and meal allowance charge.
If the Runner is required to work outdoors for three hours or more, refreshment fees may be applied.
If the Runner is required to work for more than nine hours, a meal allowance will be charge.
Errands involving valuable possessions will require a liability waiver for damages in writing. This will be done on a case-by-case basis.
Errands that involve heavy-lifting will require two or more Runners. A detailed description of items as well as the distance they will be covering will be needed prior to accepting the booking.
Cancellations with less than 30 minutes notice may incur the first hour fee.
Application lodgements made on your behalf is with the understanding that forms are complete and correct. We are not responsible for rejected applications.
For invitation deliveries, a spreadsheet of recipients and addresses must be provided for the Runner to utilise as proof of receipt.
For deliveries, full addresses must be provided.
A Runner has the right to refuse to execute a job if they feel their occupational safety is being compromised.
A half day’s notice is required for booking 2 runners.
One day’s notice is required for booking 3 runners.
Two days notice is required for booking 4 or more Runners.

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